We are the Orienteering Foundation, a charity that promotes and supports orienteering, to bring all the benefits this amazing sport has to offer the people of the UK, and to ensure that our sport is here for the enjoyment of generations to come.

But the future of our sport is at risk.  Only 10% of our orienteering community is aged between 20-34 and in 2017 nearly 10,000 school children participated in our grassroots schemes. Worryingly despite this good work we are seeing drop out rates of 70-80% in those crucial skill building years of ages 13-21.

And our volunteers are getting tired.  Last year there was a 4% drop in the number of events run, but a 7% increase in competitors.  The demands outside events also continue to rise.  We know people want to participate in our sport but we are in danger of burning out our volunteers.

Technology in the sport provides massive opportunity but we need to invest. We have all seen major changes over the past twenty years with the emergence of electronic punching and tracking systems, mapping software, and online analysis tools.

With your support the Orienteering Foundation works to tackle emerging issues.  We currently fund junior programmes, invest in elites, support adult coaching opportunities, support those developing tools and techniques to alleviate volunteer workloads, and sponsor projects which look to exploit new technologies in our sport.  With your help we can do more.

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News stories

New Go Orienteering portal

British Orienteering have launched a new Go Orienteering web portal to help discover orienteering this summer

10th Jul 21   Read more…

The Run In podcast report

A year ago we awarded a grant to The Run In podcast (see award here). We caught up with producers Katherine and Will to see how it is going.

06th Jul 21   Read more…

CLOK club development officer appointment

We are pleased to announce that CLOK have appointed Mary Fleming to their Club Development Officer role that the Orienteering Foundation is supporting them with.

30th Jun 21   Read more…

Newcomer Retention Group launched

We are pleased to announce we have now established the Newcome Retention Group, held our first virtual meeting, and are actively seeking further input.

16th May 21   Read more…

Isle of Arran orienteering project

We are pleased to be contributing towards an orienteering initiative on the Isle of Arran!

13th May 21   Read more…

Ian Gamlen ambassador

We are delighted to welcome Ian Gamlen as Ambassadors for the Orienteering Foundation in the West Midlands

13th May 21   Read more…

Steve Cram Elected as British Orienteering President

British Orienteering were pleased to announce Steve Cram CBE as British Orienteering's fifth President.

29th Apr 21   Read more…

Aspiring Elites

British Orienteering and The Orienteering Foundation launch new initiative

We are delighted to announce that we are providing funding of £3,000 per year for the next 3 years to help facilitate the provision of additional support to young senior elites.

22nd Apr 21   Read more…

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