About Us

We are the Orienteering Foundation, a charity that promotes and supports orienteering, to bring all the benefits this amazing sport has to offer the people of the UK, and to ensure that our sport is here for the enjoyment of generations to come. The Orienteering Foundation is a registered charity (number 1118793) independent of British Orienteering, set up originally with a bequest from Bertie and Elsie Ward in 2006.

The Orienteering Foundation is run by a Chair and a Board of Trustees. See Meet the Board for names and biographies of the Chair and all the Trustees.

We are supported by a network of Ambassadors, many of whom are also Trustees. See Meet our Ambassadors for biographies.

Important areas of our focus (but by no means the only ones!) include technology innovationclub development and the ongoing volunteer effort project. Feel free to reach out to any of us to discuss any aspect of our work, including donations, and grant applications. See Getting in Touch to find your nearest Ambassador or Trustee and their contact details. Alternatively you can also talk to our administrator Viv Macdonald, admin@orienteeringfoundation.org.uk

Apply for funding

We achieve our goals through you.  Funding your projects drives the engagement, development and innovation we want to foster. 

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Projects Funded

The following is a summary of projects and people successfully funded by the Orienteering Foundation in recent years.

Thank you to all donors who have made funding of these projects possible.

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Coaching Days

The Orienteering Foundation organise some coaching days. We are particularly keen to promote coaching of adult orienteers, who are often under-served, but also welcome groups including juniors.

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