Become an Ambassador

An Ambassador is a volunteer who is responsible for promoting the Orienteering Foundation and its work in their assigned Association and for seeking and relaying feedback from that Association

Why become an Ambassador?

It's a great way to give something back to our sport by acting as the local "face" of the Orienteering Foundation, promoting what we do and helping gather feedback to influence future policy and actions.

What's involved in being an Ambassador?

Doing whatever helps promote the Orienteering Foundation in your assigned Association, for example (as your time permits):

  • making short presentations at Association or Club meetings
  • discussing the Foundation's activities with other orienteers
  • promoting the idea of making grant applications.

This requires you to keep well briefed about the Foundation's activities and being able to answer straightforward questions, relaying unusual or new questions to a Board member for response. An initial briefing is given. There will also be occasional contact from a Board member seeking feedback. Ambassadors are not expected to seek donations from current or potential donors.


We would welcome expressions of interest in becoming an Ambassador from people in the Associations where vacancies currently exist: Wales, North West, and South Central. See the Getting in Touch page for those vacancies and our other Ambassadors.

To express interest, ask questions or discuss the role in more detail, please contact the Chair (see here).

17th Oct 19