Club Development

Here at the Orienteering Foundation we are very keen to see clubs thriving and growing, and using Club Development Officers is one way to do that. 

Clubs with CDOs

The Orienteering Foundation has now part-funded several clubs to engage Club Development Officers and each project has its own and differing characteristics. These initiatives enable us to get a good feel for the benefits that a CDO can contribute, and we are starting to share resources to help other clubs determine how best to progress their own club development.

These are in addition to a number of other clubs that have CDOs not funded through the Orienteering Foundation, including SYO (Pauline Tryner).

CDO resources

We plan to share more resources created by CDOs from around the country so other clubs can benefit from them. Watch this space, and if you have materials to share from your own club development, do get in touch. We are keen to build up resources in lots of areas including 

How to develop your club?

If you are thinking of how to develop your own club, and considering whether appointing a CDO could help, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of our Orienteering Foundation ambassadors to see how we can help. See our Getting in Touch page for your nearest trustee or ambassador.

Last updated: Sun 5 May 2024

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