Coaching day review Nov 2018

Control, Dale Park
Control, Dale Park
Credit: Duncan Archer

We were very pleased to support a second Orienteering Foundation coaching day in the Lake District in November 2018, kindly organised by Derek Allison.

Derek took charge of the organisation, including securing permissions, planning exercises, and hanging and collecting controls - see details for the day here.  Around 20 individual adult participants were coached by Derek (plus an assistant coach due to the numbers), and half a dozen groups from clubs, universities and regional junior squads attended too - over 100 participants in total.  All the groups took advantage of the controls hung and collected by Derek, so they didn't need to worry about those logistics and could instead concentrate on delivering the best possible coaching to their group.

This is the second coaching day we have run (the previous was back in February 2018, details here - fortunately this time we were blessed with kinder weather than the snow earlier in the year!).  We are running a short survey to gather feedback from the day (please follow the appropriate link for individual participantsgroup leaders, or group participants).  We are very keen to see more coaching happen in future, particularly for adult groups that often don't have the same coaching opportunities that junior squads do, and the number of participants showed there is clear demand.

Having had two coaching days now in the Lake District we are interested to learn if there is demand to do something different.  For example, while the Lake District offers fantastic terrain, it is a long drive for many, so we could support coaching days all across the UK providing something local to everyone.  Or we could support coaching days for specific groups of people such as women-only days.  If you might be interested in organising such a day with our support, please get in touch with Duncan Archer (email hidden; JavaScript is required), one of the Orienteering Foundation trustees.

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