The Orienteering Foundation is built on your generosity.  Apart from small administration costs, all donations go towards fulfilling grant applications.  We welcome all donations, no matter how large or small, and there are many ways you can donate including (but not limited to!):

  • Regular monthly or yearly donation
  • One-off donation
  • A bequest left in your will
  • Proceeds from fundraising activity
  • Donation of volunteer expenses

Donate now

The easiest way to make a one-off donation, or set up regular donations, is via the BT sponsored mydonate website. 

Donate now

Donating volunteer expenses

Orienteering is predominantly run by volunteers, including teams of event helpers; planners, organisers and controllers; committee members; and many other roles that keep the sport ticking over.  The club or other body that you volunteer for will pay expenses for costs like travel/petrol.  Now many individuals are very happy to volunteer for free, and often don't claim those expenses.  If that applies to you, why not consider claiming and donating the expenses to a charity, such as the Orienteering Foundation?  You can easily make that donation via the above button, and remember to indicate if you are a taxpayer eligible for Gift Aid, which can increase the value of your donation to us.

Fundraising for the Orienteering Foundation?

Got a big challenge in mind?  Running a marathon?  Climbing the Three Peaks?  Your own personal adventure?  Whatever it is, why not consider doing it to raise funds for the Orienteering Foundation.  You can easily set up a fundraising page by clicking the above button, and following the link to "Create a fundraising page".  Then you can advertise your personal page to others for them to donate.

Speak to us

If you would like to find out more about the Orienteering Foundation before donating, or want to contribute in other ways, please get in contact with one of us.

Registered charity and Gift Aid

We are a registered charity number 1118793.  We are also registered with HMRC for Gift Aid donations from individuals who pay tax in the UK, allowing us to increase the value of your donation by around 25%.

How much to donate?

Many donors ask this, and the answer is that whilst more is always better, any gift is welcome.  Even £10 per month over 5 years adds up to a significant contribution - £750 over 5 years with Gift Aid, which can make an enormous difference to an orienteering project.

Monthly net gift

Net gift over 1 year (what you pay)

Gross gift over 5 years (value of your gift to us *)






















£5 £60 £375

*Based on a Gift Aid at 20% tax rate.  Higher rate taxpayers may be entitled to further tax relief

Making a bequest in your Will

We are very happy to accept bequests / legacies left in wills.  Moreover giving to a charity such as the Orienteering Foundation in your will

  • reduces the amount of your estate liable for inheritance tax
  • qualifies your estate for a reduced rate of inheritance tax (36% instead of 40%) if giving 10% or more of the estate to charities 

See HMRC website for details - note tax rules change from time to time so please check HMRC for the latest.

To make a bequest in your will:

  • If you are drawing up a will then you can easily make a bequest to the Orienteering Foundation by inserting the necessary text.  
  • If you already have a will, you can still help the Orienteering Foundation by adding a "codicil" to your existing will (codicils are used for minor amendments to wills) with details of the bequest to the Orienteering Foundation.  Alternatively you can have your will redrawn with the bequest to the Orienteering Foundation in it as above.

In either case, complete the appropriate section of the attached form (Word or PDF) with the information requested, crossing out those options that are not required.  Take the form to consult with your solicitor or legal adviser, and get the final will or codicil signed and witnessed.

Please do not write on or amend your current Will directly, or it could become invalid.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my donation goes to the Orienteering Foundation?

When you donate to any charity via a website such as mydonate, JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving, not all of your money goes to the charity because the website take some administration fees and commission.  The websites vary in how much they take.  However the Orienteering Foundation uses mydonate as it passes the most on to the charity, in part due to BT's generous sponsorship of the website.  For a £10 donation, with and extra 25% Gift Aid (+£2.50), a total of £12.35 of the £12.50 goes to us.  See this Money Saving Expert article for more details.

How do higher rate taxpayers reclaim tax on their gifts?

If you are a higher rate taxpayer, you should enter the amount of your gift on your tax return. HMRC will then give you the benefit of the extra tax relief equal to 20%, the difference between the 20% basic rate that will go to the Foundation and your tax rate of 40%. This amount will be returned to you at the time of your next tax assessment. Consult your tax advisor to ensure you are eligible for this relief.

Which is better, a one-off donation or monthly gifts?

We are very happy to accept whichever you can offer, and both are valuable to us.  Regular gifts are great because they provide us with a steady and reliable source of funds to distribute, and over say 5 years a small donation from you each month provides a really valuable contirbution. However, we recognise that not everyone can afford a monthly outgoing, and single one-off donations - which may be often larger than the average monthly gift - are equally valuable.  

Does the Orienteering Foundation operate throughout the UK?

Yes, we are a registered charity accepting donations and funding projects across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Does the Orienteering Foundation only fund schools / junior projects?

It is true that in the past many of our grants have been to school and junior squads organisations.  This is partly due to how the Foundation was originally set up with money from a bequest from Bertie & Elsie Ward focussed on juniors.  However, we provide funding for any projects that fulfil our core values, whether they be for juniors or adults, and for individuals or groups.  See Projects Funded for a flavour of what we have funded recently. 

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