Event-O app store hosting

Event-O app

We have agreed to cover the cost of hosting the Event-O app on the app stores for a second year.

Event-O is an app for both iOS and Android devices that enables the user to display all British Orienteering events in an easy to read calendar format. The app was developed by Neil Bricknell over a year ago. 

Developer licenses are required in order for apps to appear on the app stores, and while Android only requires a one-off license purchase, for the Apple App Store the developer must maintain an annual developer license. We agreed to fund this last year, and as the app is still seeing a growth in usage (now 790 downloads, up from 570 this time last year) we have agreed to fund for another year.

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store (Android devices) or Apple App Store (iOS devices like iPhone, iPad etc.).

Last updated: Sat 14 Jan 2023