Funds raised for GBR WOC 2019 team

Selected team for WOC 2019
Selected team for WOC 2019
Credit: MS by Karl Orud, JS by WOC2018 Latvia, CW and MCD by SLOW, others by On The Red Line

We are pleased to report our campaign raised over £2000 towards supporting our athletes representing GBR at WOC 2019. The Orienteering Foundation have decided to top this up with a further £1000 towards the athletes.

The fundraising campaign closed on 25th August and raised £2240 (including GiftAid and after deducting card fees) which will be distributed amongst the athletes representing GBR at WOC 2019.  You can see more detail on the campaign aims in the original article here.

Since then the Orienteering Foundation agreed to top this up by nearly an extra £1000, thus distributing £350 in total to each of the 9 athletes. We felt able to do this due to a number of donations we have received in the last year where donors have expressed a preference for supporting elite athletes, and we felt this was an appropriate way to use that donated money.

The athletes were all hugely appreciative of the support and generosity of all those who donated.  Here are a selection of their comments:

Hector Haines:

It is really great to have such a strong backing by the British orienteering public. There are clearly so many that want us to do well, and I am thankful help exists so that the whole team can continue to race and compete for GB at a high level. It's a real solid confirmation that we are trying to do something worthwhile. I am proud to say that I compete in orienteering for my country and equally proud of the support and passion from those back home wishing us all on! It makes the bad days better and the good days even sweeter! 

Jo Shepherd:

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported the GB team, it is greatly appreciated!

Graham Gristwood:

Thanks to all the donors and supporters of the GB team - it means a lot, not only financially, but also to know that there are people who care about the performances of the GB athletes!

Megan Carter-Davies:

Huge thanks to everyone who donated. Not only is it a massive help financially, but it also reminds us how many people are supporting us, following our races closely and wishing us well. Thanks!! 

Cat Taylor:

I would also like to say thankyou to everyone who supported us! Not only is it very helpful to have some financial help but knowing that there are so many people who want to show that they support what we do is really warming and encouraging.

You can see full results and maps from WOC 2019 on the official website here, and reports from all the races at the On The Red line supporters website, including a summary of the championships for GBR here, and also various news articles on the British Orienteering website.

Congratulations to all the athletes on your performances, and thanks again to all those who donated to the campaign.

Last updated: Mon 19 Dec 2022