Supporting the GBR team at WOC 2018

WOC 2018 team

WOC 2018 team

We are proud to be supporting a dedicated fundraising campaign to power the GB team to the World Orienteering Champs 2018 in Latvia.

Last year we supported a hugely successful campaign to fuel the GBR team to WOC 2017, raising over £10,000 including Gift Aid, which was distributed equally amongst the team members to help cover their costs for preparing for and competing at WOC.  Huge thanks to everyone who contributed - your support made a real difference to the athletes.

This year we have launched a similar campaign, recognising the continued expense of competing at the elite level, and lack of central funding to cover all athlete costs.  See here for more details and to make a donation. All donations made via that page up to the target of £8,400 (14 athletes @ £600 each) will be granted by the Orienteering Foundation to reduce the level of GBR athlete contributions to WOC 2018.

You can follow the team's preparation for WOC, and news during the WOC week itself, at the GBR team supporters' website On The Red Line.

18th Jun 18