GBR team coach education update

Last year we made a grant towards coach education for the GBR team (see award article). Here we catch up on how the program is going.


The British Orienteering talent performance pathway consists of 5 levels (more detail): 

The coach development program was designed to target levels 4 & 5, which require high quality staff.

Program update

2023 has seen the deliver of an extensive program across the higher level squads: 

In 2023, 23 different staff supported the program, with 7 of those new to the Performance Programme in 2023, and their involvement was only possible because of the extra funding from the Orienteering Foundation grant (a total of 15 volunteer places funded by the grant).

Not only were new staff brought in, but the existing staff were able to do more. The thrust of the coach education bid was to fund up to 4 staff at each camp / competition, compared to the basic level of 2 staff (which British Orienteering funded).

So the pool of volunteers has grown, the group has high morale and is learning from each other. There have been just enough volunteers to deliver the programme; at no point has a competition or camp had to be cancelled because of lack of staff. Having a large enough pool of good people spreads the volunteer burden around. 


Not funded by the Orienteering Foundation grant directly, but various upskilling activities have also occurred. The main comes from "on the job" training of the staff at camps and competitions, but in addition to that we have:

There are several new things coming for the athletes that will also improve the volunteer coach’s knowledge and sense of team:


This all provides a solid base going into 2024 when for home sprint World Champs in Edinburgh, and the usual program of other international races, and supporting training camps.

Last updated: Sun 18 Feb 2024