Georgia Jones stepping down and trustee vacancy

Georgia Jones has decided to step down as a trustee, and we are now looking for a new trustee to join the board.

Georgia Jones joined the board as a trustee in late 2020. She brought a wealth of fresh perspectives from her time as a successful junior orienteer in Australia, founding president of the Exeter University Orienteering Club (OROX), and an internship with British Orienteering. Unfortunately she has taken the tough decision to step down now due to other commitments. We very grateful for all she has contributed during her time on the board.

Therefore we are now seeking a new trustee. To see what this entails, read more about Becoming a trustee, and see biographies of the other trustees on the Meet the board page.

We caught up with one of our current trustees, Roger Scrutton who gave us his perspective on what it means to be a trustee:

A major motivation for me, as a Trustee, is the opportunity to see and support the whole spectrum of orienteering activity, from promoting the sport and grassroots participation to financial support for athletes in the GB squads. Although the Foundation has target areas – technology, hardship and enhancement – we are able to interpret these very broadly and I think it’s fair to say there are few areas of orienteering activity that we are not supporting. Also, recently, as well as responding to applications, the Foundation is itself identifying areas where financial investment can foster the development of the sport, and I find this very exciting.

If you might be interested in becoming a trustee, please contact the chair Andrew Evans () to find out more.

20th Feb 22