Give while you shop

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile

The Orienteering Foundation is registered with several Give While you Shop schemes.  By registering and using one or more of these schemes, online retailers will make a donation to your chosen cause for every purchase you make.

How it works

With all the schemes, you make a purchase through an online retailer and they make a donation back to your chosen charity, typically a small percentage of your purchase price. There is no additional cost to you of doing this, the charitable donation is entirely made by the online retailer. The only requirement is that you get to the online retailer via the website of whichever scheme you are registered with below. The video linked for Go Raise below gives you a good idea how all the schemes work.

Registered schemes

The Orienteering Foundation is registered with the following schemes.  :

  • Amazon Smile: When you shop at, you’ll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the purchase price to your selected charity. See here for more details about the scheme.
    • Once you are registered, if you use the Chrome browser, you can also install the Smilematic extension which will automatically redirect you from to to make sure you always raise money for your chosen charity when shopping.
    • If you use any other browser you just need to make sure you go to yourself when shopping.
  • Easy Fundraising: When you shop online the easyfundraising way with one of over 3,200 online shops and sites, the online retailer give Easy Fundraising a commission for your purchase, which they turn into a donation and give it to your chosen cause. See here for a list of participating retailers.
  • Give As You Live: The store pays Give as you Live a percentage of your total purchase price in commission and of this 50% is passed on to your chosen charity.  See here for a list of participating retailers. Give as you Live also offer preloaded cards for grocery shopping, including at big supermarkets like Tesco, M&S, Asda, Morrisons, and Waitrose, who donate up to 3% of your shop to your chosen charity. See here for more details of grocery store cards.
  • The Giving Machine: You generate commissions by shopping online (they work with over 1,500 retailers).  They then convert your commissions into donations for your chosen causes. See here for a list of participating retailers.
  • Go Raise: If you buy something online, you’ll get a nice email confirming how much you’ve raised. The amount will depend on the retailer, for example Sainsbury’s give 50p for every order, Topman 2.5% of your basket value and John Lewis up to 3.5%. See here for a list of participating retailers. See here for a video of how it works.

If you know of similar schemes you use and would like to see the Orienteering Foundation registered with, please let us know.


  • Register with one or more of the above schemes above.
  • Once registered with a scheme, search for and select the Orienteering Foundation as your chosen cause.  You only need to do this once, and your choice will be stored.
  • Whenever you are shopping online, first go to your scheme's portal above, and from there follow a link to your chosen retailer, for your purchases to generate donations to us.  If you go direct to the online retailer's site the purchase will not count.

22nd Sep 18