IOF Young Leaders Academy grant

We are pleased to announce support for Alasdair Pedley to attend the IOF Young Leaders Academy in Veneto, Italy this summer.

The purpose of the IOF Young Leaders Academy is to enable young orienteers aged 16-25 to support their competencies regarding developing orienteering ("train-the-trainers"), and an opportunity to network with like-minded orienteers worldwide. This year it runs alongside the 5 days of Italy, and includes

Alasdair is heavily involved in mapping, coaching, planning and organising, working for Masterplan Adventure and on his own projects (see his website). He has various innovative ideas for developing and promoting orienteering in the UK, some including technological innovation, and is excited to have this opportunity to attend the academy with people to bounce ideas off, and IOF people on hand to advise him. He will also discover how orienteering is getting developed and promoted in other countries - what is working and what isn’t, and what are the IOF doing to help - aiming to share any learnings with the UK orienteering community. Alasdair has many connections in the orienteering world, particular with the younger generation, and wants to change their perception so they are more inspired to give more back to the sport.

We looking forward to hearing back from Alasdair on what he learns from the IOF Young Leaders Academy!

Last updated: Sun 21 May 2023