JROS coach support 2019

Coaching at Lagganlia
Coaching at Lagganlia

In 2019 the Orienteering Foundation once again supported coach development at the Lagganlia summer training camp. Here we find out what an impact this has had over the years.

Keith Marsden writes:

It is 11 years since Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS) took over the organisation and management of the Lagganlia summer training camp from British Orienteering. In that time it has coached and entertained over 250 juniors.

Lagganlia in 2019 followed its usual pattern of making use of some the best orienteering areas in Speyside and on the Moray coast. The days are long with training in the morning and most afternoons followed in the evening with workshops on such topics as concentration, injury management and nutrition. Of course there is down time – with balloon relays and Badaguish rings and much, much more. But behind it all is the aim to develop young orienteers and enthuse them with a love of the sport.

To do this each year JROS has to attract up to 20 helpers: coaches and chefs etc. This year was no exception with 18 helpers supporting the selected juniors. Of course after 11 years JROS don’t expect the same coaches to turn up, giving up their summer holidays year after year, and so JROS has to recruit, encourage and train its junior coaches.

That’s where the Orienteering Foundation comes in. JROS couldn’t hope to attract junior coaches to Lagganlia if it were to take away their summer holidays – from Uni or work – and for it to cost them from their limited resources. That is why the financial support of Orienteering Foundation and other JROS supporters is essential to the continuing work of JROS. Without it we would not be able to attract the junior coaches who in years to come will be the mainstay of the Lagganlia training camp.

Thank you Orienteering Federation - from all the juniors who have benefitted year after year.

We leave you with a great video from the JROS tour to Lagganlia in 2019 here.

Last updated: Mon 19 Dec 2022