JROS Coaching Course grant


We are pleased to announce a grant to the Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS) to support expenses for staging a level 2 coaching course for young coaches.

JROS has an excellent track record of not just putting on training camps for juniors (something it picked up the baton on when British Orienteering focussed its limited finances more on the elite end of the spectrum), but also offering coaching opportunities to young coaches. This year's level 2 coaching course will run immediately before JROS summer training camps in Scotland, giving the trainee coaches a perfect opportunity to put into practice everything they have learnt, and consolidate their coaching skills before going for assessment for the full award.

In previous years, JROS has seen great attendance on its coaching courses: 7 participants in 2015, 6 in 2017, and 8 in 2021, and with 77% of the first two courses' participants going on to complete their level 2 coach qualification within the allowable time period (this has not yet elapsed for the most recent course). Previous course attendees have gone on to contribute significant time to coaching on summer tours, in regional squads, in local clubs, in university clubs, and three have thus far acted as lead coaches for summer tours. Two of the 2022 JROS summer tours were only possible due to the qualifications and experience of previous coaching course attendees.

For anyone wishing to attend this years JROS coaching course, please see details on the JROS website.

We are proud to once again help JROS stage these courses and look forward to seeing the next crop of aspirant coaches giving something back to the sport they love.

Last updated: Sun 21 May 2023