JROS Czech training camp report

Czech training camp team
Czech training camp team
Credit: JROS

Earlier this year we made an award to the Junior Regional Orienteering Squads (JROS) to help stage a new training camp in the Czech Republic. Here we catch up with feedback and comments from the athletes attending the camp.

About the food

The burritos were the best!

The food was all great and interesting. The burritos were especially fantastic.

Amazing 5 out of 5 and always served with a smile on their face

Definitely 5/5, all of the food was amazing and I loved trying traditional Czech food as well as things I would normally have like pizza.

About the accommodation

The hosts were really friendly and welcoming. The rooms were comfortable. I really liked the accommodation.

Everything we needed (and didn't need) were provided and all the facilities were great.

Lovely hostel in the mountains and good facilities inside and outside of the main building

I really liked the accommodation at potkavarna, I honestly had no problems with it and the layout was the perfect format for our tour.

It was very nice, good room sizes

Beds where comfortable and the food cooked was great. Especially the sandwiches.

Amazing 5 star

About the morning more “serious” training sessions

A good range of different exercises. I really enjoyed learning how to navigate the rock areas.  

Bramberk, only because I made lots of mistakes and didn't get into the map very quickly however all the exercises were good as were the coaching tips. 

Kalich, I really loved the sandstones and everything about that day was good. 

Solvanka, enjoyed the night-o but got hopelessly lost on my way to one leg which wasn't that fun. 

Kalich was my favourite of the areas, I loved using the courses to explore the sandstones and I have never been anywhere like it. The fine navigation in the rock city was certainly a challenge but I really enjoyed it. 

The sandstone areas were really incredible to run in as it is so novel and challenging 

The sandstones were amazing. I think it was better that we did the first few days of training on other areas then moved onto the sandstone ones so we were already used to the terrain and focus our training around navigating the sandstones.

I really liked Tomas Krivdas (elite Czech Orienteer) talk as it showed us the even the best orienteers make mistakes and have to slow down or stop to look at the map.

Talk from Tomas Krivda was quite a highlight – having a top international orienteer come and talk, and then come training with us the next morning, was great motivation for the athletes.

Thank you for probably the best orienteering camp I’ve done. I really enjoyed it very much and am very grateful to all the coaches and organiser(s) for the opportunity.

it was tiring

can I just say the camp really was incredible so thanks for organising it all as well
Just would like to say thank you again

Last updated: Mon 19 Dec 2022