Lagganlia 2022 camp report

Lagganlia 2022 juniors
Lagganlia 2022 juniors
Credit: Wendy Carlyle

Earlier this year we awarded a grant to help cover coaches for young adult coaches attending the Lagganlia training camp in Scotland organised by the Junior Regional Orienteering Squads - see original award here. Read on for the report from the camp with comments from the young coaches.

This was the 31st time that British Orienteering and then JROS (Junior Regional Orienteering Squads) (in 2012 onwards) have used the Lagganlia Outdoor Education Centre on Speyside. Why Lagganlia? Lagganlia has access to some of the best orienteering areas in the country, from the Moray Coast to the River Spey, as well as having on-site facilities which make it a great base for a week long training camp.

All years have been successful and 2022 was no exception although it was not without its problems. A last minute change to the Team Manager, due to COVID, resulted in a need for changes to the Coaching Team and also a rail strike on the day of departure resulted in the new TM having to work hard to ensure that all attendees arrived home safely.

The camp had its full complement of 24 juniors and 14 coaches . Such a high ratio of coaches allows the camp to accommodate a group of 5 or 6 junior coaches who’s attendance is purely educational – i.e. they are there to absorb the atmosphere of a vibrant camp and in so doing learn much from the company of coaches and senior coaches on the camp.

Judging by the feedback, the camp – if only judged on this simple criteria - was once again a success.

A selection of comments from the young coaches:

This was my first time doing official coaching. Before this, I had coached some beginner orienteers with my club, but this had only been to a TD2 level. It was amazing working with experienced coaches; I learnt so much about how to teach different skills and what guidance to give. I really enjoyed the areas, accommodation, and the orienteering. It was a fun and useful week!

This was my second time coaching at Lagganlia, but first time stepping into the role of Coach. Although a little daunting at first, the other coaches (both senior and junior) around me were a huge help, and really supported me in finding my feet as I led coaching sessions. So in this way Lagganlia acts as a great learning and development experience for aspiring coaches, not just for the athletes.

As a university student, I really appreciate the fact that Lagganlia is free for coaches – although we are essentially working for the week, it is easy for forget when you’re spending the whole week in top-notch terrain. I’ve found coaching on JROS tours a fab way to spend a week of my summer

This summer I was asked to coach on the JROS Lagganlia camp having previously coached on the 2019 camp, and I was grateful to have the opportunity to add further to my experience as a coach. The senior coaches were very experienced and useful to learn from and the coaching team worked well to get training organised and controls hung. The non-training aspects of the camp were excellent too: the Lagganlia OEC is an amazing venue.

Overall Lagganlia was a fantastic learning experience as a developing coach and I really enjoyed the week too. I’d like to thank JROS and the Orienteering Foundation for their ongoing support for the camp as it is hugely influential for athletes and new coaches alike.

It is of course hoped that we can move in to the 32nd Lagganlia and that JROS can continue to help to develop the junior coaches not only to help on future camps but to use their accumulated knowledge for the wider benefit of British Orienteering.

Last updated: Mon 19 Dec 2022