Lakeland Orienteering Club Family ‘O’ Challenge

LOC juniors

LOC juniors

We are excited to support Lakeland Orienteering Club (LOC) with a new Family 'O' Challenge initiative

This is an exciting new intiative from LOC to actively target families of children with primary school aged children. The aim of the project is to introduce them to orienteering as an enjoyable, family friendly, health enhancing outdoor activity. The project will seek to capitalise on the advantages that orienteering has over other sports and to highlight the assets that it has for families. It will:

  • market the family friendly nature of the sport which allows all ages to participate at a level that suits them
  • promote the attributes of orienteering which are advantageous for children who may not enjoy team based or other competitive sports
  • profit from the changes brought about by Covid which resulted in more people understanding the benefits of taking outdoor exercise 
  • appeal to parents who want to do something with their children as opposed to watching from the sidelines
  • appeal to families already involved in outdoor sports/activities.

Our grant will help cover the costs of a Club Development Officer to help the project. The  project comprises a series of "programmes" each comprising 8 sessions, and aiming to recruit 10 families per programme, with at least 3 programmes over the first 2 years of the project. As a result the target is for the families to increase LOC membership by 20% over the coming years.

We wish LOC every success with the project!

15th May 22