LVO Junior and Families Officer


We are pleased to announce a grant to Lagan Valley Orienteers (LVO) towards an orienteering officer who supports attracting and welcoming juniors and families into the club

In 2023, Lagan Valley Orienteers (LVO) undertook a consultation process as part of their five-year strategic planning process (2024-2028). The two main threats uncovered were volunteer burn-out and its aging membership profile. Four strategic aims were agreed upon in order to counteract these issues, as well as to achieve LVO’s new vision of providing "Lifelong Adventure" - see the schematic below.

Since starting the plan’s implementation this year, the club has worked on two of the ‘strategic pillars’ namely becoming a more social and caring club and improving orienteering skills. This is done through Club Meets each month with coaching for all levels followed by having a hall available afterwards for sharing lunch and a chat. You can see our previous award towards LVO coach development, and the recent report in Compass Sport magazine.

It was hoped Club Meets would also help to recruit and graduate beginners, especially juniors via families, but this has not turned out to be the case. Earlier this year LVO discussed a way forward to achieve this aim, considering what worked well and not so well across existing initiatives including the Club Meets, Tollymore Orienteers (a hub in Tollymore Forest operating since 2017 to attract beginners), Running Wild (a series of winter training sessions to attract and graduate juniors) and Orienteering Ireland (what is working for clubs in the Republic). A number of conclusions were reached:

This led to the realisation that a paid orienteering officer was needed to drive attracting and welcoming juniors and families into the club. Our grant will help support that officer whose role will include:

We wish LVO every success with this initiative and look forward to hearing how they get on!

Last updated: Sun 5 May 2024