New CLOK club development officer

We recently extended our grant for CLOK's club development officer into a third year (see award here), and you can read the year two report here. Mary Fleming who used to be the CLOK CDO decided to step down, and CLOK have now appointed a new CDO - Rachel Baker.

The appointment comes with a new, family-focused contract for service. Rachel will get support and mentoring from her aunt, Sarah Hague, who is a very experienced orienteer and coach and a long-standing friend of CLOK. Sarah will also provide continuity when Rachel heads off to Scandinavia to continue her own orienteering development. Rachel's mother, and Sarah's sister, is world famous orienteer Yvette Baker (formerly Yvette Hague) now living in New Zealand.

You can read more about the appointment from Caroline Mackenzie (CLOK Chair) on the CLOK website here.

Last updated: Sun 28 Jan 2024