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JK 2018

West Midlands JK 2018 donation

We are very grateful for a significant donation from several of the clubs involved in staging the JK 2018 in the West Midlands.

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Orienteering Runners of Exeter (OROX)

Orienteering Runners of Exeter (OROX)

It is great to see a new orienteering club at Exeter University springing into life, and we are proud to be supporting their development.

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Tayside Orienteers

Strathearn Schools Development Project

We are excited to be funding this project led by Tayside Orienteers to support orienteering development work with schools and local communities in the Strathearn area in the lead in to the Scottish 6 Days 2019.

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Control, Dale Park

Coaching day review Nov 2018

We were very pleased to support a second Orienteering Foundation coaching day in the Lake District in November 2018, kindly organised by Derek Allison.

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Coaching in the forest

Coaching days

The Orienteering Foundation organise some coaching days. We are particularly keen to promote coaching of adult orienteers, who are often under-served, but also welcome groups including juniors.

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Launch of the 1%er Legacy Programme

The future of our sport is in jeopardy. With shrinking junior numbers, diminishing pools of experienced volunteers, increases in costs of running events and problems with access to some of our best technical areas, orienteering is under increasing pressure.  The Orienteering Foundation is here to help ensure that our favourite sport continues to be a great source of adventure, challenge and community spirit.  This month we launch the 1%er Legacy Programme, which asks "Would you be willing to gift just 1% of your estate to the future of orienteering?"  Read more here.

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We are the Orienteering Foundation, a charity that promotes and supports orienteering, to bring all the benefits this amazing sport has to offer the people of the UK, and to ensure that our sport is here for the enjoyment of generations to come.

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