1%er Legacy Programme

The Foundation launched the 1%ers programme in October 2018 to encourage orienteers to consider making a small gift in their will to the work of the Foundation.

Orienteering is an important source of enjoyment for many people, an opportunity to compete in a physically and mentally challenging sport, in a community of likeminded people who regularly work together across a spectrum of club activities, event management, planning, mapping, coaching, training… the list is enormous!  Many hours are given free every year by orienteers to support the sport and the Foundation recognises and is grateful for all these contributions.

Asking for a small percentage gift is intended to encourage orienteers to include the Foundation in any will they make without having a material impact on gifts they may want to make to their friends and family, and other charities important to them.  It doesn’t matter how big or small your estate will be because the gift will always remain a nominal amount – just 1%.

Who are we

We are the Orienteering Foundation, a charity that promotes and supports orienteering, to bring all the benefits this amazing sport has to offer the people of the UK, and to ensure that our sport is here for the enjoyment of generations to come.

But the future of our sport is at risk.  Only 10% of our orienteering community is aged between 20-34. Worryingly this is despite good work where in 2017 nearly 10,000 school children participated in our grassroots schemes, but we then see drop out rates of 70-80% in those crucial skill building years of ages 13-21. This is the age band when youthful participants can realise this is their sport for life. Why is this and what can we do about it? With your gifts the Orienteering Foundation funds junior programmes and investment in young elites, alleviating hardship and expanding junior opportunities to help to underpin that key age group so they stay with us into their early adult life and beyond.

And our volunteers are getting tired.  Last year there was a 4% drop in the number of events run, but a 7% increase in competitors.  The demands outside events also continue to rise.  We know people want to participate in our sport but we are in danger of burning out our volunteers.  Anecdotal evidence from our club friends tells us this is an increasing problem.  To protect the future of our sport, with your gifts the Orienteering Foundation invests in developing tools, techniques and training to alleviate workloads and make events simpler to run and reduce non-event volunteer effort.

Technology in the sport provides massive opportunity but we need to invest. We have all seen major changes over the past twenty years with the emergence of electronic punching and tracking systems, mapping software, and online analysis tools.  Communication between clubs and their members, and with the wider public has been revolutionised through social media.  The Orienteering Foundation uses your gifts to continue to exploit these opportunities and provide seed capital for innovation.

In 2017/18 we:

  • took 5 emerging athletes to the European Orienteering Championships, the feeder competition to the prestigious World Orienteering Championships
  • ran a dedicated fundraising campaign to support our top athletes at the World Orienteering Championships in Latvia
  • provided funds to MAROC for their talent squad training weekend
  • funded the delivery of OpenOrienteeringMap version 3, a free mapping and course setting application expanding mapping opportunities beyond the expense of OCAD
  • supported a coaching day for non-elite adults to support new entrants to the sport who miss training and coaching opportunities available to our youngsters
  • helped fund the 40 strong team at the World Schools Champs in Palermo

With your support we can do more.

Becoming a 1%er!

We want to build a community of people interested in supporting the future of the sport, and our legacy givers, if they wish, will be invited to be known as a ‘1%er’.  We will look to this group to help us think through some of the challenges ahead for the Foundation, giving us their advice and insight into the areas the Board are wrestling with.

Our promises to you

  • We will not put you under any pressure to include us in your will and you alone can take the decision in your own time.
  • You don't need to tell us whether you decide to make a bequest or not, but if you do tell us you are, that decision will be kept strictly confidential.
  • We recognise that your loved ones will come foremost in your thinking.
  • We will respect your privacy and keep your details secure.
  • We will agree with you the level at which we'll keep you aware of our activities.
  • We take your wishes seriously and will do our best to ensure that your gift is used in the way that you wanted, both effectively and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

See here for answers to frequently asked questions about becoming a 1%er.

22nd Sep 18