Orienteering Foundation Strategy 2020-2024

Our strategic goal is to "Deliver meaningful and effective support to the development and continuance of orienteering". Here we present the background behind our strategy, and how we intend to accomplish it over the next 5 years (2020 - 2024). This will guide how we operate as a charity and where we plan to spend our time.


The Orienteering Foundation is a charity that promotes and supports orienteering, to bring all the benefits orienteering has to offer the people of the UK, and to ensure that the sport is here for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Strategic goal

The Foundation operates within its objects, its Board capacity, and its financial size.  The Board of Trustees is a volunteer Board with members based across the UK. The Board meets 6 times a year, twice face to face and the rest in teleconference. Our overriding strategic goal is to:

Deliver meaningful and effective support to the development and continuance of orienteering.

Drawing from the past

The Foundation was formed using the remaining part of a legacy gift from Bertie and Elsie Ward in 2006. Over the years it has continued to support orienteers, accepting funds from donations, regular giving and club support, and using those to support a wide range of new projects to expand access to the sport.

It has always been a Foundation of orienteers with orienteers in mind and this will continue with Board members drawn primarily from the orienteering community. The Foundation will only grow if the orienteering community values its work: in recent years the Foundation has promoted its activity more actively to ensure people are aware of the wide range of activities it has supported and the further opportunities its financial support can offer.

Although independent, the Foundation has a good working relationship with British Orienteering and works closely with that body to ensure that activity is consistent and effective, and that new areas for support can be identified. A new working relationship statement was developed during 2018 (see here) which underpins the ongoing collaboration.

Looking to the future

Two examples of areas of concern that we hope to address are:

We will validate these areas of concern as we pursue priority 1 below, and they will inform our approach to grants in priority 2.


Our four key priorities are as follows:

1. Understand the orienteering community, and its current and future needs

2. Deliver a highly visible, people-friendly service to the orienteering community and which is focussed on making the highest impact

3. Deliver a legally compliant, financially solvent charity trusted as an honest broker by the orienteering community

4. Grow and diversify our funding sources to ensure funding is available for critical initiatives

Last updated: Sat 1 Jul 2023

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