Our relationship with British Orienteering

See here for more information on the relationship between the Orienteering Foundation and British Orienteering.

British Orienteering is a Private Company, Limited by Guarantee, and acts as the Governing Body of orienteering in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the self-governing British Crown dependency of the Isle of Man.  As such, a key object is to promote, administer and encourage the development of, and participation in orienteering.

The Orienteering Foundation is a registered Charity, independent of British Orienteering, whose objects include providing facilities, access and opportunities to encourage and promote orienteering, and providing capital and revenue support to increase and sustain participation in orienteering.  Income for the Orienteering Foundation's activities comes primarily from funds raised from donors.

Because the two organisations are independent but closely related in their desire to develop and promote UK orienteering, this relationship statement has been developed to clarify respective roles where they might appear to overlap, and has been approved by both organisations.

The Orienteering Foundation and British Orienteering co-operate through regular dialogue designed to keep each other aware of current strategies and plans, and to explore opportunities for co-operation.

The Orienteering Foundation aims to set expenditure to match the net income it receives in donations, and being a charity that is also registered with HMRC, is able to claim Gift Aid on many donations. Subject to any terms of gifts, the Trustees have complete independence in how they apply those gifts to its charitable objects and do not take direction from British Orienteering when deciding the priority of what it will support.  It may therefore support projects that British Orienteering has not prioritised.

The Orienteering Foundation is free from the constraint of operating in part under grant-funding conditions, and does not have a membership whose requirements must be addressed.  This enables the Foundation to invest in longer-term projects and in research and development work that may ultimately benefit British Orienteering but which British Orienteering might find difficult to initiate.

British Orienteering pursues some activities designed to support and assist clubs and members – the Orienteering Foundation will often not prioritise these for support as they are primarily the responsibility of British Orienteering.

The two organisations believe that from time to time there will be scope for working together on joint initiatives, but any cooperation will be decided independently by each organisation, taking account of its own objects and priorities.

Last updated: Sat 1 Jul 2023

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