Partnership project for CLOK Club Development Officer



We are pleased to announce we are partnering on a project with CLOK to fund a Club Development Officer (CDO)

Back in July we announced we were seeking project partners for one or more projects we were keen to see happen. We received a number of applications, and have decided to go forward on a project with Cleveland Orienteering Klub (CLOK).

CLOK's goal is to increase membership by attracting people in their 20s and 30s – including those with young families – to join the club and get involved in club activities. The CDO's objectives will include:

  • Providing frequent, high-quality orienteering events within reasonable travelling distance of the main population centres in CLOK’s area. The CDO will organise additional events to supplement the existing programme of events.
  • Enthusiastically encouraging people who already enjoy other outdoor sports to try orienteering and provide support to ensure that they have a positive and enjoyable experience when doing so. Targets include people already involved with local clubs such as walking, mountain biking, fell racing and running clubs.
  • Attracting, involving and retaining new club members in the target demographic by using social media, information technology and other electronic communications in relevant ways to publicise CLOK’s activities and other local orienteering opportunities.
  • Investigating and/or devising other, innovative ways of attracting people into orienteering.
  • Understanding – and make best use of – the very capable and competent orienteering volunteers in CLOK.
  • Identifying other successful tactics and strategies to attract people into our sport by networking with other CDOs, relevant bodies and groups from both within orienteering and other relevant outdoor activities.
  • Generating more income for CLOK by leveraging more membership, involvement and participation by the target demographic. 

The Orienteering Foundation are matching funding provided by CLOK themselves towards the paid CDO position. Obviously we face difficult times for orienteering at the moment, but CLOK hope to be seeking candidates for the CDO position in the New Year with a view to starting work in the Spring, continuing for a two year period.

The Orienteering Foundation will be putting CLOK in contact with others clubs who have experience with CDOs, and in return we also aim to learn from CLOK's experiences with a view to sharing best practice that other clubs can follow. We wish CLOK every success in the project!

14th Nov 20