Racesignup donating 1p per entry

We are delighted to report that Racesignup will be donating 1p per entry to the Orienteering Foundation

Racesignup is a relatively new online entry system that many of us will have come to be familiar with in the last couple of years, alongside the established brands of Fabian4 and SiEntries. It was created by Pete Davis from Southampton Orienteering Club in 2020 during the first COVID lockdown, partly finding some spare time on his hands (!) but also to address the emerging needs of entry systems to help organisers comply with British Orienteering's COVID guidance when events started again, for example by limiting the number of starters in a given start window.

It is now three years on from the first orienteering event that took entries through Racesignup - a mid-week military league event at Rushmoor Arena with 287 entries - and the system has grown over the last three years, with more features, and a larger following. Today https://racesignup.co.uk/ displays a whole range of upcoming events, including orienteering, running, swimming, triathlon and more. Its low fee for organising clubs has also allowed it to be used cost effectively for many local events up and down the country, helping to reduce volunteer pressure with entry on the day.

Development of the Racesignup entry platform has greatly benefitted from the knowledge and support of volunteer event organisers, particularly orienteers. It is in recognition of that support that Pete has decided to make the regular donations from Racesignup of 1p per orienteering event entry, for which we are extremely grateful, especially as we are very keen to promote technology innovation in orienteering and strongly support volunteer efforts. The 1p comes out of the processing fee Racesignup already charges to event organisers, so it doesn't affect their event income or increase fees. Donations will be made for all orienteering events from 1st April this year, and statements sent to event organisers will highlight the amount donated.

Last updated: Mon 19 Jun 2023