Racesignup donation matching by clubs

We previously reported that Racesignup would be donating 1p per entry to the Orienteering Foundation.  We are pleased to hear that they can now also handle clubs matching that donation with their own.

We were very pleased to hear from Pete Davis (SOC) back in June when he started donating 1p per entry to an orienteering event on the Racesignup platform that he developed. He has now announced he is happy if clubs want to match - or even exceed - that generous offer, by donating an amount of their own per entry too. That can be 1p, 2p, 3p, 10p, 20p... per entry - as much as the club wants (see note below)! 

Pete handles the administration, passing on the donation to the Orienteering Foundation, out of the takings that otherwise go to the club (minus Racesignup fees). Entrants will also see on their entry form both that their entry has generated the Racesignup donation, and - if appropriate - that the club is also supporting the Orienteering Foundation with a donation of their own. 

Note that the 1p that Racesignup donate is coming out of their 3% plus 30p per card payment charge. Whatever clubs donate will be coming out of the overall entry fee income which is somewhat larger. For example:

We encourage clubs to donate as generously as they see fit, but at the end of the day every little bit helps us to do more at the Orienteering Foundation.

So far we are aware that CLARO and MV have kindly agreed to make club donations for their events. If other clubs are interested in taking this up, please contact Pete directly at email hidden; JavaScript is required

Last updated: Wed 29 Nov 2023