Roxburgh Reivers club development project

Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club
Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club

We are pleased to announce an award to Roxburgh Reivers Orienteering Club (RR) to support club development.

Roxburgh Reivers are planning a new approach to developing orienteering in the Borders, concentrating initial efforts on younger people locally across schools and community groups in targeted areas. The aim is twofold:

  1. To stimulate a membership increase, especially juniors and families, seeking to lower the club's age profile and and involve younger members in taking pressure off the current small cohort of experienced club officials and coaches.
  2. To increase awareness of orienteering and its benefits across Borders communities, taking advantage of the increased recognition of the physical, social and mental health benefits of outdoor activities post-Covid.

Efforts will be concentrated in specific communities, to generate enough interested locally for sustained development of orienteering opportunities and volunteering. The first phase of the club development project focusses on Earlston High School and its eight feeder primary schools, providing introductory orienteering sessions to pupils in all the primary schools, followed by an orienteering activity day as part of P7 pupils’ transition to Earlston High School.

Our grant assistance will help fund a club development officer to drive this project, along with additional funding from the Scottish Orienteering Association, and funds from the Scottish Borders Council to cover mapping and equipment costs.

We wish RR every success with this initiative and hope the first phase leads onto further development in other communities. 

Note, this is a historical news article. For the latest information, and links to any more recent news articles, see our Club Development page.

Last updated: Sun 9 Jul 2023