Orienteering Foundation seeks project partners

Partnering with us

Partnering with us

The Orienteering Foundation is keen to assist clubs with their development and is therefore pleased to announce an initiative to work in partnership with three clubs on a series of experimental projects – one club per project.

The concept envisaged is that the Foundation will meet part of the cost of each project with the club meeting the rest, and the club and the Foundation will agree a project plan with identified responsibilities. The Foundation will also try to use its contacts to assist with the project, its planning, and (if appropriate) delivery.

If these projects are successful, the Foundation will consider supporting similar projects in other clubs.

Project 1: Engagement of a paid Club Development Officer

Accelerate club development by using a dedicated Club Development Officer (CDO) on for example a 15 hours per week paid basis. Experience elsewhere suggests the investment can become self-sustaining after perhaps 2 years and enables clubs to make progress without requiring as much dedicated volunteer effort.

The exact objectives for the CDO would be based on a club's situation – for example recruitment of new members, engagement and retention of existing members, training of volunteers, etc.

Project 2: Developing the skills or experience of a club's coaches and skill levels of club members

For example:

Project 2A: Coach training courses (especially UKCC level 2) and / or coach development experience

Part-funding of the training costs for the first or an additional coach at a particular level in a club. The training to be reinforced by planned practical experience.

Because training courses may require a minimum attendance of trainees, the scheduling of any training may require identification of other trainees – these can come from the same club or from adjacent ones.

Project 2B: Running a series of regular coaching sessions for beginners / developing orienteers

Part-funding a series of coaching sessions (for example 10 weekly or fortnightly sessions) for newcomers or developing orienteers. The needs of these orienteers are often neglected, sometimes due to lack of a critical mass, so the course could be used as a recruitment tool or in conjunction with a neighbouring club.

Any club which would like to discuss possible involvement with one of the projects is invited to contact us at and completing the attached Expression of Interest form Word PDF with contact details of a person that the Foundation can liaise with, and the project of interest.

Enquiries are requested as soon as possible and ideally by Sunday 13th September 2020.  We recognise that some clubs might wish to consider starting one of these projects relatively soon, whereas another might wish to delay the start. We encourage any club interested to make an initial expression of interest, as the start date can be mutually settled later if specifics of a project can be agreed.

28th Jul 20