SEOA donates JK profits

South East Orienteering Association

South East Orienteering Association

SEOA has kindly donated some of the profits from JK 2017 to the Orienteering Foundation.

At Easter 2017 the South East Orienteering Association (SEOA) held a very successful JK festival of orienteering at Brunel University (Sprint), Ambersham (middle), St Leonards and Holmbush (long), and Pippingford Park (relays).  Being in the south and easily accessible to many orienteers helped boost entry numbers, and the event made a larger profit than budgeted.  SEOA have decided to make a very generous donation from the surplus to the Orienteering Foundation.

Neil Cameron, chairman of the Orienteering Foundation, commented:

I am delighted SEOA have chosen to make this donation.  It makes a very real difference to our ability to help fund projects that meet the objectives of the Orienteering Foundation. 

We would also welcome any other clubs or organisations who choose to follow SEOA's example, and donate surplus profits from events to the Orienteering Foundation.

If you have a project in mind, please see here for details of how to apply for funding from the Orienteering Foundation. If you wish to make a donation, please see here

08th Nov 17