STUOC club development

Stirling University Orienteering Club
Stirling University Orienteering Club

We are pleased to award a grant to Stirling University Orienteering Club (STUOC) for using an external coach as the club grows, and organising a planning workshop to help individuals develop and spreads the load of planning training sessions.

After a successful first year of creating and developing STUOC, the club is looking to start phase 2 of their development, with higher quality of training by introducing coaching sessions with an external level 3 coach. The club is investing in qualifying student coaches but there is a high turnover of members due to the limited timespan of an undergraduate career. Furthermore, it takes some time to reach level 3 and so in the interim this grant helps fund bringing in someone external. The higher quality training and bigger opportunities for individual development is hoped to attract more members and ensure membership does not decrease in future, as well as giving members more confidence and enthusiasm to attend major events throughout the year, and raising the profile of the club within the sports union and on a national level.

In addition the club hopes to host a planning workshop to enable all club members to learn to plan. This not only means that the job of planning local events and weekly training sessions can be split between club members in future, but athletes can gain valuable skills to take forward into their orienteering career. 

Last updated: Sat 4 Nov 2023