Technology innovation

We are seeking ideas for projects to fund in the area of technology innovation in orienteering.

Technology plays a huge part in orienteering today. We have all seen major changes over the past twenty years with the emergence of electronic punching, GPS tracking, mapping software, online analysis tools, and much more. Meanwhile communication between clubs and their members, and with the wider public has been revolutionised through social media. 

As you can read in our Funding Statement, this is an area where the Orienteering Foundation is keen to exploit the opportunities that technology can bring to our sport, by using donations to provide capital for innovation.

Some examples of where we see technology in the sport today:

The vast majority of these technologies were not around 10-20 years ago - look how far our sport has come from the olden days of pin punches and master maps! Moreover, although some of the above are commercial products, many have been developed in people's spare time for no personal gain. We want to support technology continuing to power our sport through the next decade and beyond.

Ideally we are looking for well written grant applications for technology projects, see Apply for Funding for our application process. These could be for furthering any of the above platforms, or developing new ideas.

However we recognise that often the people with the great ideas do not necessarily have the skills to make something of them. Equally our sport attracts many technically minded people who would relish a technology project, but perhaps don't have the vision to apply. We can help put the two together, so if you have an innovative idea for technology in orienteering, or if you have technology skills you could put to good effect, then please get in touch as we would love to hear from you. Please contact your nearest ambassador or trustee (see here).

Last updated: Sat 1 Jul 2023

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