The Run In podcast report

The Run In podcast

A year ago we awarded a grant to The Run In podcast (see award here). We caught up with producers Katherine and Will to see how it is going.

In June last year, we were pleased to receive a grant covering our music and server costs for 2020/21. This has allowed the podcast to keep producing an episode nearly every week, and we've just celebrated our 2nd birthday.

We're now up to over 50 "regular" episodes and are particularly pleased to keep creating episodes throughout the pandemic, when there were no races to fill our news section, and our listener numbers are going up too.

In the past 12 months, we have spoken to 10 non-British internationals, a whole host of the GB team, as well as many who are contributing hugely to the sport outside of the elite scene, such as Georgia Jones and Pauline Tryner. We were also very excited to chat to the new President of British Orienteering, Steve Cram, and also produce our "Gender Equality" episode, which we know has led to greater discussion about the topic in the UK, and we hope will lead to meaningful change down the line.

So a big thanks go to the Orienteering Foundation, for supporting the podcast, and to all our listeners too.

Katherine Bett & Will Gardner

Last updated: Sat 14 Jan 2023