TrailO promotional video


We are pleased to announce support for production of a video describing and promoting TrailO.

At present there is little promotional material that shows what happens in either of the two TrailO competition formats - TempO and PreO. This project involves creating and promoting a video demonstrating the formats, to help encourage even more foot-orienteers and people new to orienteering to take up this branch of the sport. lt will also be of huge value in helping reach sections of the disabled community in the UK, where there is significant potential for introducing TrailO.

This video will show competition tasks in both urban and forest terrain, with able-bodied and para athletes completing the tasks, and voiceover describing the processes and skills being employed. The goal is to portray TrailO as an enjoyable and challenging sport for all, including those with a physical impairment.

Promotion of the video is set to coincide with the introduction in 2021 of a UK TrailO League, providing significantly more competition opportunities in the UK.

We look forward to the release of the video in due course on our youtube channel here (alongside the previously published POC video). Meanwhile you can find out more about TrailO on the UK TrailO site here.

Last updated: Mon 19 Dec 2022