Welsh Champs and Orienteering Foundation Ambassadors

Orienteering Foundation banner

Orienteering Foundation banner

The organisers of the Welsh Middle and Long Distance Championship events at Merthyr Common on 11th/12th September kindly allowed us to showcase the Orienteering Foundation by erecting our sail banner with information cards attached to it. In addition to helping to raise the awareness of the Foundation amongst event participants, we were also hoping that there may be someone who is willing to become our Orienteering Foundation Ambassador for Wales.

The time commitment as an Ambassador can be as little as two hours a quarter. As the paragraphs in the final details for each event explained, Ambassadors are not expected to seek donations from current or potential donors, just to promote the Orienteering Foundation and convey what they hear "on the ground" in their association back to the board regarding areas we might invest in. 

More information on the role is on our Become an Ambassador page. We haven’t to date heard from anyone who is willing to fulfil this role for WOA, so if anyone would like to know more about it, please email Andrew Evans (). 

We also have vacancies for Ambassdor in SCOA and NWOA so if there’s anyone from either of these Associations who may find this of interest, please also contact Andrew. 

20th Sep 21