Applications to fund Scottish projects

Scottish funding

Scottish funding

The Orienteering Foundation has previously received a substantial donation that is ring-fenced for Scottish orienteers and Scottish orienteering only, and we are actively seeking grant applications to access these funds.

To quote the donor's preferences as to the type of projects that get funded by the money:

I would prefer that donations do not go into basic primary schools introduction to orienteering, or to Elite national squads.  Instead I would prefer that the donations go towards the "developing orienteer", preferably youth competitors up to around 25 years old.

The Orienteering Foundation has funded Scottish projects in the past, in particular Scottish Schools Orienteering Association activities associated with competing in the World Schools Orienteering Championships, but there remains further ring-fenced money.  Therefore we are actively seeking grant applications that meet the above criteria.  If you have a project in mind please see Apply for Funding. Please observe our application deadlines (end of March, June, September and December), and we encourage those wishing to apply for the ring-fenced money to do so by 31st Dec 2017.

We are also keen to get better representation of the Orienteering Foundation in Scotland, with a view to increasing both donations and grant applications.  If you are interested in helping see Get Involved and contact any of the trustees here.

30th May 17