Newcomer Retention Group launched

We are pleased to announce we have now established the Newcome Retention Group, held our first virtual meeting, and are actively seeking further input.

Back in March we announced our intention to form a Newcomer Retention Group (NRG) - see here. This was the group's remit:

  • Define "orienteering newcomer", and define and research the current retention rate
  • Define "regular participants", and research and quantify reasons why newcomers do not become regular participants
  • Identify and document examples of good practice in dealing with newcomers
  • Make recommendations designed to improve retention of orienteering newcomers
  • If appropriate, identify follow-up work that could be considered
  • Produce a written report on the group's work and conclusions

We are pleased to announce advise that we have now established the group and the first virtual meeting was held on 10th May. The group members are:

  • Neil Cameron (NGOC) - Chair
  • Mairi Eades (INT/EUOC)
  • Jon Eaton (WCOC)
  • Ian Gamlen (COBOC/HOC)
  • Kay Hawke (PFO)
  • Ingebjørg Holmedal (OROX)
  • Carol Iddles (BOK)
  • Bertie Kingsley (OROX)

There is a wide variety of group members, with collective experience of:

  • being chair of a large club
  • dealing with newcomers at schools level
  • making maximum use of social media
  • running a university club (where most members are newcomers)
  • researching what attracts people to try orienteering and to stay involved
  • being a membership secretary

However, the group recognises that there are almost certainly many other people who could contribute to the group's work. Anyone willing to help the orienteering community build guidance and good practice on the topic of retaining newcomers is invited to contact the group's chair Neil Cameron as soon as possible, or email Neil to arrange a phone call. The Group is particularly interested in hearing from any individual or club which has experience and/or relevant data in this area, but would also welcome opinions or ideas from anyone on this important topic.

Thank you.

16th May 21