Orienteering Foundation Newsletter March 2017

Our March 2017 newsletter to donors and supporters.


This is the newsletter for donors and supporters of the Orienteering Foundation.

We publish similar newsletters usually twice a year to keep you informed about the Orienteering Foundation and recent developments in its work.

Please let us know if you find it useful to be kept up-to-date or if you have suggestions for future content of the e-mail.  Anyone who wishes to be added to the email distribution list for this newsletter can do so by contacting Viv Macdonald our Administrator (see item 7. below).

This issue contains the following items:

  • Trustees and a vacancy
  • Grants made
  • Making grant applications
  • Proactive approach to grants
  • Donors and donations
  • Feedback about the Orienteering Foundation
  • Orienteering Foundation Trustees and contacts

1. Trustees and a  vacancy

Maclolm Duncan and Pauline Olivant were recently re-appointed for further terms as Trustees, both until early 2020 (Trustees are usually appointed for 3 year terms before possible reappointment).  A full list of current Trustees can be found here and appears in item 7. below.

The Orienteering Foundation still has a vacancy for a new Trustee and we would particularly like to hear from a volunteer or from anyone with a suggestion of someone suitable from the North-West or Scotland.  The Chairman would be happy to have a no commitment phone discussion with anyone interested or to hear suggested names.

2. Grants made

Grants have been awarded to:

  • Harrison McCartney in support of his participation at the Junior World Orienteering Championships 2016
  • British Schools Orienteering Association to support English Schools participation in the World Schools Championships 2017 in Sicily
  • Chris Smithard to develop a web-based tool to help orienteers to analyse and evaluate their technique
  • Junior Regional Orienteering Squad for a grant towards a training camp for the development of junior coaches at Lagganlia in July 2017
  • Yorkshire and Humberside OA supporting junior squad coaches working towards their formal level 2 coaching qualification
  • British Orienteering Squad to providing touch-free SIAC cards for the squad to enhance their practice
  • Kris Jones to pay for the extension of an urban map in Dundee, to assist with his sprint training for the World Championships in 2017 and also benefit the local O club
  • Scottish Schools Orienteering Association to support pre-competition training for, and an additional coach at, the World Schools Championships 2017 in Sicily

Whenever you wish, you can find a list of grants here.  All grants made since 2011 are listed there, in many cases with reports and photographs.

3. Making grant applications

The process for making grant applications and associated forms can be found here and there are quarterly dates (31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December) which we'd like applicants to be aware of.  Applications can of course be submitted at any time.

4. Proactive approach to grants

We would be interested in hearing from individuals, clubs or other organisations about projects or initiatives they would like to see us sponsoring or supporting.  There is no commitment that whoever proposes such a project needs to be involved in implementing it, although they would be involved if they wished to be.

As an example, the Trustees feel that there might be demand for organising a series of adult coaching sessions, particularly for those who were relatively new to orienteering.  A project could be supported to seek a volunteer or paid part-time person to organise, publicise and run such sessions in one or more areas of the country.  We would be delighted to hear your views on that project or your ideas for other projects.

5. Donors and donations

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, or has recently started a regular donation.

We are of course always happy to receive donations (this can be done directly from here if you wish) or to discuss the work of the Foundation with potential new donors (contact the Chair, our Administrator or any other Trustee - see item 7. below).

We are about to recruit more volunteer fund-raising ambassadors – watch for details.  If you would like to help us increase our donations, please get in touch.

Current donation methods and sources include:

  • A bequest left in your will
  • Regular monthly or annual donation
  • Proceeds from fund-raising activity
  • A one-off donation
  • Donation of volunteer expenses: instead of ignoring expenses, claim them and give them to charity (the Orienteering Foundation)  This method is giving the Foundation a useful source of further income which can be augmented because, being a Charity, we often benefit from Gift Aid on that income.

Please publicise this expenses possibility to anyone you know of who gets expenses for orienteering activity and might like to donate the expenses to us.  It's simple and straightforward using our web site, and can be anonymous if desired.

YOU can also help us by increasing awareness of the Orienteering Foundation, telling people about our web site and encouraging them to donate (or to contact us to discuss possibilities).

6. Feedback about the Orienteering Foundation

We welcome feedback about the Foundation and how it is operating.  We'd be happy to answer here any questions we receive or to hear ideas of how we can publicise our work and gain further support.  Please use any of the contact methods listed in item 7.

7. Orienteering Foundation Trustees and contacts

You can contact the Orienteering Foundation by e-mailing me at or phoning me on 01684 294791.

The other contacts are:

  • Duncan Archer – Trustee
  • Malcolm Duncan – Trustee
  • Andrew Evans – Trustee
  • Pauline Olivant – Trustee
  • Viv Macdonald – Administrator,

You can also follow the Orienteering Foundation on Twitter (@oingfoundation) and can find us on Facebook (@orienteeringfoundation). 

Neil Cameron

Chair, Orienteering Foundation

08th Mar 17