Orienteering Foundation Newsletter Nov 2015

Our November 2015 newsletter to donors and supporters.


This is the newsletter for donors and supporters of the Orienteering Foundation.

We intend to publish similar newsletters at least twice a year to keep you informed about the Orienteering Foundation and recent developments in its work.

Please let us know if you find it useful to be kept up-to-date or if you have suggestions for future content of the newsletters.

This issue contains the following items:

  1. New Orienteering Foundation Chair
  2. Change of Trustees
  3. New web site
  4. Making grant applications
  5. Donors
  6. Orienteering Foundation and contacts

1. New Orienteering Foundation Chair

At the Trustees' meeting in September, the Trustees elected Neil Cameron as Chair for the period until early 2018.

2. Change of Trustees

Sue Bett has resigned as a Trustee after many years of service, and the Trustees would like to thank her for her work on behalf of the Foundation.  Two new Trustees have been appointed – Andrew Evans and Malcolm Duncan.  The Orienteering Foundation still has a vacancy for a new Trustee and we are particularly interested in recruiting someone from the North-West or Scotland.

A full list of current Trustees is on the web site and appears in item 6 below.

3. New web site

The Orienteering Foundation has substantially revised its website (www.orienteeringfoundation.org.uk) which now includes details of how to donate, how to apply for funding, and reports from funded projects - let us know what you think of it.

4. Making grant applications

The process for making grant applications is under review, but full details of the current process and an application form can be found on the new web site.  We are keen to have new application by January 2016 so that they can be considered at the next Trustee meeting on 1 February.  Deadline date is on the web site and the application form.

5. Donors

Thank you to all those who continue to support us, or have recently started a regular donation.

We are of course always happy to receive donations (this can be done directly from the web site if you wish) and to discuss the work of the Foundation with potential new donors (contact the Chair or any other Trustee).  Donation methods and sources include:

  • Regular monthly or yearly donation
  • One-off donation
  • A bequest left in your will
  • Proceeds from fund-raising activity
  • Donation of volunteer expenses: instead of ignoring expenses, claim them and give them to charity (the Orienteering Foundation)

YOU can also help us by promoting the Orienteering Foundation, pointing people at our web site and encouraging them to donate (or to contact us to discuss possibilities).

6. Orienteering Foundation and Contacts

You can contact the Orienteering Foundation be e-mailing or . The full list of contacts can be found on the contacts page.

01st Nov 15