WYE donation

Herefordshire forest at its best

Herefordshire forest at its best

WYE Valley Orienteers recently decided to suspend activities, and are donating their outstanding balance to the Orienteering Foundation.

The Orienteering Foundation has received a signficant donation from WYE, in excess of £10,000, for which we are extremely grateful. It is always a shame to see a club wind up its activities, but WYE found themselves in a large geographical area with a very small population, and not enough critical mass to sustain the club.

Chris James comments on behalf of the club:

Although it was a difficult decision to suspend WYE activities we are pleased that the Orienteering Foundation will be able to use the residual resources to make a lasting contribution to our sport.

With long established and thriving clubs all around WYE making use of the available Herefordshire woodland that has not been completely overwhelmed by brambles (!) the area is as well served as can be expected. These clubs are generally well funded so it seems appropriate to support the wider efforts of the Orienteering Foundation.

24th Oct 20