Newcomer Retention Group report published

The Newcomer Retention Group has published its final report.

The Newcomer Retention Group, which formed in May (see article here), has published its final report. A copy has been sent to the chair of each open club, but you can also download a copy here.

The report has 14 pages plus 10 pages of Appendices and includes:

  • Good Practice recommendations when dealing with newcomers (or “beginners” as the group prefers to call them)
  • Information from “mystery” visits made to three club events to assess the reality “on the ground” at the events
  • Conclusions from a survey of 84 club website beginner sections (each club has already been sent their own survey)
  • A checklist that clubs can use to review their approach to beginners
  • Recommendations for future follow-on work

The chair of the Newcomer Retention Group, Neil Cameron, said:

The Group hope that the report will encourage clubs to review their approach to dealing with newcomers/beginners and make changes where appropriate.

The chair of the Orienteering Foundation, Andrew Evans, went on to add:

This is a hugely worthwhile contribution to the development of orienteering in an area which appears absolutely fundamental to us all. I commend the skill and dedication by which the NRG group has proceeded, and for developing the high quality final report.

02nd Jan 22