Orienteering Foundation Newsletter Sept 2016

Our September 2016 newsletter to donors and supporters.


This is the newsletter for donors and supporters of the Orienteering Foundation.

We intend to publish similar newsletters at least twice a year to keep you informed about the Orienteering Foundation and recent developments in its work.

Please let us know if you find it useful to be kept up-to-date or if you have suggestions for future content of the e-mail.  

This issue contains the following items:

  1. Orienteering Foundation on Twitter and Facebook
  2. Trustee vacancy
  3. Making grant applications
  4. Proactive approach to grants
  5. Donors and donations
  6. Grants made recently
  7. Orienteering Foundation contacts

1. Orienteering Foundation on Twitter and Facebook.

You can now follow the Orienteering Foundation on Twitter (@oingfoundation) and can find us on Facebook (@orienteeringfoundation). 

These are in addition to our recently revised website (www.orienteeringfoundation.org.uk) which includes details of how to donate, how to apply for funding, and reports from funded projects.

2. Trustee vacancy

The Orienteering Foundation still has a vacancy for a new Trustee and we are particularly interested in recruiting someone from the North-West or Scotland.  A full list of current Trustees can be found here and appears in item 7. below.

3. Making grant applications

The process for making grant applications has been reviewed and new quarterly dates established (31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December).  It is hoped this will make it easier for applicants and also avoid the Trustees having to deal with applications outside their normal meeting cycle.  The grant application form can be found here.  We are keen to have new applications by 30 September 2016 so that they can be considered at the next Trustee meeting on 12 October.

4. Proactive approach to grants

The Trustees are concerned that the previous approach to awarding grants relies solely on applications being made, which may result in some potentially worthwhile innovations not being attempted as no-one has proposed a relevant project.  Accordingly we are now announcing that we would be interested in hearing from individuals, clubs or other organisations about projects or initiatives they would like to see us sponsoring or supporting.  There is no commitment that whoever proposes such a project needs to be involved in implementing it, although they would be involved if they wished to be.

As an example, the Trustees feel that there might be demand for organising a series of adult coaching sessions, particularly for those who were relatively new to orienteering.  A project could be supported to seek a volunteer or paid part-time person to organise, publicise and run such sessions in one or more areas of the country.  We would be delighted to hear your views on that project or your ideas for other projects.

5. Donors and donations

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, or has recently started a regular donation.

We are of course always happy to receive donations (this can be done directly from the web site if you wish, see here) and to discuss the work of the Foundation with potential new donors (contact the Chair, our Administrator or any other Trustee - see item 7. below).

Donation methods and sources include:

  • A bequest left in your will
  • Regular monthly or annual donation
  • Proceeds from fund-raising activity
  • A one-off donation
  • Donation of volunteer expenses: instead of ignoring expenses, claim them and give them to charity (the Orienteering Foundation)  This method is proving increasingly popular and is giving the Foundation a useful source of further income which can be augmented because, being a Charity, we usually benefit from Grant Aid on that income.

You can also help us by increasing awareness of the Orienteering Foundation, telling people about our web site, "liking" our page on facebook, following us on twitter, and encouraging people to donate (or to contact us to discuss possibilities).

6. Grants made recently

Whenever you wish, you can find a list of grants made by visiting our website here.  All grants made since 2011 are listed there, in many cases with reports from the beneficiaries. 

Our most recent grants included support for Tom Dobra to represent Great Britain at the European Trail-O Championships (a report can be found here), and the Junior Regional Squads summer training camp where we supported the many volunteers who help run the camp.

7. Orienteering Foundation contacts

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The other contacts are:

  • Duncan Archer – Trustee
  • Malcolm Duncan – Trustee
  • Andrew Evans – Trustee
  • Pauline Olivant – Trustee
  • Viv Macdonald – Administrator,

Neil Cameron

Chair, Orienteering Foundation

03rd Sep 16