Annual report 2021

Our annual report for 2021 is now available here.

The main highlights of 2021 were as follows:

  • The board and administration:
    • Andrew Evans took over from Neil Cameron as Chair (here)
    • Andrew Evans, Pauline Olivant, Roger Scrutton, Martin Ward and Georgia Jones continued as Trustees.
    • Duncan Archer stepped down as a trustee and is now an ambassador (here) alongside Wilbert Hollinger, Lyn West and Ian Gamlen who joined the team (here)
    • Keith Tonkin joined as the Finance Officer (here) with Viv MacDonald continuing as the Administrator.
  • Grants were awarded for the following projects:
    • Junior Regional Orienteering Squads coaching course (here)
    • Club Development Officers for FVO (here) and CLOK (here)
    • British Orienteering TrailO promotional video (here)
    • AYROC “Arran” project (here)
    • KFO mapping for Grassroots Pathway project (here)
    • HH and SMOC prizes for British Schools Champs (here)
    • LOC Development Project (here)
  • Other activities:
    • Aspiring Elites project - selection, mentoring, and support at Euromeeting (here)
    • Coaching Day – held in the Lake District (here)
    • Newcomer retention group - published its report (here)
    • Presentation at the Development Conference in January on club development officer roles

  • During the year, the Trustees took a number of actions to continue to improve the governance:

    • Grant application handling now invovles a lead trustee to co-ordinate each grant
    • Agreed a policy for dealing with large donations, including legacies

Read about all this and more in our 2021 annual report here.

09th Feb 22